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Invertus - Certified PrestaShop developers

Golden certified PrestaShop developers agency Invertus, JSC just launched brand new website!

Choose from flexible e-commerce pricing plans and start selling online on a new responsive webstore built on PrestaShop platform or extend Your current shop with Invertus Premium quality modules for all PrestaShop versions!

Invertus website:

Invertus modules webstore:


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Related Products Advanced Module – Buy It if You Like It.

Related Products Advanced PrestaShop module is validated and added to PrestaShop addons webstore – Buy it if you Like it here.

This module is very popular so we are improving it constantly.


Reasons why it works for merchants:

  1. It’s easy and fast to administer – find products just in few clicks or use fast “live search
  2. It requires no core modifications – installation easy and fast
  3. It’s possible to relate products one way or both ways
  4. Relate products automatically using product tags or manually
  5. Merchant can decide what information ( image, title, atributes, add to cart, price…) should be shown about related product
  6. Use table layout, grid layout or carousel for related products
  7. Very detailed module documentation, video and screenshots are available here.


Front office demo PS14 Back office demo
Password: demologin

Need help, info, suggestions:
Email us:

Gallery (1 use case foto included):


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Customer Comments About Our Modules

We wrote this blog post because we care about our customers  and our service quality.

Today we got comment and rating in system about our “Related Products” module:

The module includes virtually no documentation. I have it installed, but I have no idea how to use it. Very frustrated.” Rating: 2 / 5

Thank you for your opinion – we really appreciate it because it helps us to improve our modules and service quality.

We can not answer to our customer directly in comments area (there is no such function in so we hope this blog post will reach the author of the comment and maybe other customers also.

The fastest way to get support from us is by email: or - all your questions will be answered during 24 hours. Usually we contact our customers in few hours.

Documentation about “Advanced Related Products” can be found here:

This user guide includes all the simple version functionality so it will be helpful for every customer who uses our “Related Product” module.

It’s very difficult to update our modules because sometimes PrestaShop team validates our modules about 4 weeks – this is too long. We decided to move all the documentation online here:

1. Select module:

2. Select your version and read documentation:

Not all our modules have complete documentation but we are working on this and we believe all our modules will have detailed documentation in the near future. Usually we are polishing functionality but documentation must be polished also :).

If you have some suggestions how we can improve our modules or our services just write us an email. We greatly appreciate your opinion!

We will keep posting about every our customer review (positive or negative :) ) in this blog.

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Thank you “Krypton Web”

Today I want to thank “Krypton Web” company and their lead developer Mr. Alojz Jakob who suggested great idea, improved our Advanced Auction module and shared their work with us.

Because of “Krypton Web” we plan to include new feature to our Advanced Auction PrestaShop module. The new feature will help merchants to limit access to new auctions only for selected user groups.

Thank you “Krypton Web“! It was pleasure to do business with you!

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How to manage PrestaShop product attributes and color picker

Many people are asking questions about how to manage their color picker in product description page. The short answer is: you should do it with “Attributes and groups” in your web store back office. I prepared one very short tutorial and quite long one with images. If you are experienced user and want just a quick instructions read these steps:



  1. First of all you have to add image for every product color – this is the first step you should do. You can do it here: Back Office -> Catalog -> Your Product -> Images tab
  2. Next you have to create attributes group which is type of color group. This type of group may be already created so check it first. You can mange attribute groups here: Back Office -> Catalog -> Attributes and Groups -> Add attribute group. Do not forget to create it as “Color group”.
  3. When you have your attribute group for colors then you can start adding all available colors. Atribute groups are global so you should add all the colors you have for you product. You can also crete multiple attribute groups for colors and then use different attribute groups for different products – it’s up to you how you prefer todo – have one group for colors or multiple groups. So if you want to add color in your attribute group you should do it here: Back Office -> Catalog -> Attributes and Groups -> Add attribute -> Select attribute group. If you selected right attributes group you should see color picker or texture upload button. So here you can add all the available colors for your products.
  4. Now everything is ready and you can assign appropriate colors for your products. Go to: Back Office -> Catalog -> Your Product -> Combinations -> Add color group combination
  5. There is one important thing to check. Make sure, that your attribute group for colors is selected as color picker. Go to: Back Office -> Catalog -> Your Product -> Combinations -> Select your attributes group ind “Color picker” drop down at the bottom of the page.

If you want more detailed instructions then read this tutorial:

If you struggled to understand how PrestaShop “Attributes and groups” are managed you should read it definitely.

Have any questions? Just write me an email: or

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Related products with add to cart button

Recently we improved our related products module. Now you can display related products in a grid or table and have add to cart button and lots of other features. It’s not on sale yet but it will be in a few weeks. If you need it faster just write us an email:

You can check user guide here:

You can als watch our screencast. The quality is not the best but it’s quite informative:


Hope you will enjoy this screencast. If you have any questions, just write us an email:

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