5 Main Resons To Update Your PrestaShop And Do Not Lag Behind

PrestaShop versions are changing rapidly. We like improvements and new features but it’s not always easy to update it. So why you should update it?

Usually it’s better to wait for a couple of weeks after a new release. Many bugs will be noticed by others and soon they will be fixed. But do not wait to long. This is why:

1. Difficult and expensive to update very old versions

The more differences between installed version and the new version you are going to update, the more difficulties and incompatibilities you will encounter. PrestaShop is changing rapidly so  better upgrade your shop periodically.

2. More free stuff

Almost every new release has some new free useful stuff and functionality. You can be superior merchant for free. Your competitors are not sleeping also.

3. Developers usually write new modules only for the newest versions

Sooner or later you’ll need some new feature. If you are up to date there are many chances you’ll find required module in addons.prestashop.com (just buy and install – quick and cheap method).  It’s not profitable for developers to write addons (modules) for an outdated PrestaShop version – unique solutions cost more and takes more time.

4. Developers usually update their  modules  for a new version ASAP

You may request an update for your modules from developers. I think the little updates will not cost you much or even they may be done for free. Do not wait too long.

5. Old versions may contain vulnerabilities and your shop may get hacked.

Usually very old versions sooner or later are not maintained. PrestaShop is changing too fast to be able to maintain all old versions. I have no doubts they are concentrating on not so old and current releases. Better take care of your shop’s security.

Be an up to date merchant. Plan periodical updates, document them and they will be smooth. Updates definitely will give you advantages.

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