Customer Comments About Our Modules

We wrote this blog post because we care about our customers  and our service quality.

Today we got comment and rating in system about our “Related Products” module:

The module includes virtually no documentation. I have it installed, but I have no idea how to use it. Very frustrated.” Rating: 2 / 5

Thank you for your opinion – we really appreciate it because it helps us to improve our modules and service quality.

We can not answer to our customer directly in comments area (there is no such function in so we hope this blog post will reach the author of the comment and maybe other customers also.

The fastest way to get support from us is by email: or - all your questions will be answered during 24 hours. Usually we contact our customers in few hours.

Documentation about “Advanced Related Products” can be found here:

This user guide includes all the simple version functionality so it will be helpful for every customer who uses our “Related Product” module.

It’s very difficult to update our modules because sometimes PrestaShop team validates our modules about 4 weeks – this is too long. We decided to move all the documentation online here:

1. Select module:

2. Select your version and read documentation:

Not all our modules have complete documentation but we are working on this and we believe all our modules will have detailed documentation in the near future. Usually we are polishing functionality but documentation must be polished also :).

If you have some suggestions how we can improve our modules or our services just write us an email. We greatly appreciate your opinion!

We will keep posting about every our customer review (positive or negative :) ) in this blog.

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