Forum 1.0.0 documentation

The forum module in PrestaShop gives a possibility for your e-shop customers to comunicate with each other and even administration, discuss the products and services and payment options. Administration can simply post important information, consult customers and make surveys. It is compatible with facebook’s „Like“ and „Share“ functions to like or share what you are doing in your facebook’s wall.

System of defence is installed in this module. It allows you to block maliciuos customers from writting in forum, but customers still be able to browse the e-shop and buy products and services.

Customer can use BB code panel for writting messages, insert YouTube videos and hyperlinks.

Back office


  • Edit name and text of topic.
  • Delete topic one by one by pressing delete button.
  • Edit answers.
  • Delete answers one by one by pressing delete button.
  • Edit survey.
  • Delete topic of survey.


  • Create category.
  • Delete category one by one by pressing delete button.
  • Decide which category to show, and which to hide by simple click of “on”/”off” button.
  • Edit category.
  • Set order of category list by mouse (drag and drop)

Consumers insurance:

  • Filter users by username, lastname or email
  • Block users, setting the beginning and the end time of the blocking.

Forum settings:

  • Decide number of topic and answers to be shown per page.
  • Enable/Disable facebook’s “Like” and “Share” buttons by clicking “on”/”off” buttons.
  • Enable/Disable forum for not registered users
  • Enable/Disable topic and answers editing capabilities
  • Enable/Disable topic and answer delete capabilities
  • Enable/Disable create poll capabilities
  • Decide max number of survey answers
  • Decide sort order for answers

Administrator panel content display options:

  • Data sorted by title, description, date, status and others parameter .
  • Paging.
  • Text style panel with BB code (Bulletin Board Code).

Front office

  • Create topics.
  • Edit your topics and answers.
  • Delete your topics and answers.
  • Create survey.
  • Set expiration date for every survey.
  • Answers quotating.
  • Answers ordered by date (newer first, older first).
  • Text style panel with BB code (Bulletin Board Code)
    • Bold text.
    • Underline text.
    • Italic text.
    • Quotation.
    • Insert image.
    • Insert link.
    • Insert video from YouTube.


The installation of module is very easy. Just unzip your archive and upload it’ s content to your PrestaShop root.

Set permissions to 777 to /themes/yourThemeName/. Then click install in the admin panel.


To make sure facebook’s “Like” and “Share” buttons works fine in Internet Explorer you need to paste this line:

xmlns:og=”” xmlns:fb=””


To use facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons in Internet Explorer 6 you need paste this xmlns:og=”” xmlns:fb=””

in header.tpl file which is under directory “/themes/yourThemeName/ like this:

<html xmlns=”” xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns:og=”” xmlns:fb=””>

For friendly url add this:

RewriteRule ^forum-([a-zA-Z0-9-]*)(.*)$ / prestashop_root_folder/forum.php?topic=$1 [QSA,L,E]

to your .htaccess file in your root directory.


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