How To Change Module Position in Prestashop?

Drag drop arrowsI will explain the most easiest and the fastest way how to change modules positions and order in Prestashop.  I will also explain other options in case you need some more configuration possibilities.

First of all lets log in into your back office. Then go to Modules->Positions. This is the starting point:

Modules -> Positions
Modules -> Positions

1. The easiest and fastest way to change modules positions – “Live edit

Now click on “Run Live Edit” button (look in the right side):

Run live edit
Run live edit

Browser will open another window which looks like this:

Live edit
Live edit

Now you can see that left, center and right column blocks are surrounded with red dashed borders and each block has green arrow:

Green arrows
Green arrows

OK now click on green arrow and drag-drop it to the desired position. You can drag blocks from left to right column and vice versa. There is a trash can near green arrows. It just removes block form the layout – not deletes it from your system. You will be able to turn your block back with the Transplant a module function. I will explain it in the next chapter of this post.

NOTICE: It’s not possible to drag center column to the left or right column.

If you finished changing positions, save the changes. Click Save at the bottom of your browser:

Save live edit changes
Save live edit changes

Prestashop will inform you if the positions were saved successfully:

Module position saved
Module position saved

You can keep changing if you want or you can Close Live Edit.

I think you have noticed this method does not allow changing top and footer modules positions – you can do this in back office area. I will explain it in next chapter.

2. Changing positions in back office

The first method was easy and quick. This method requires some extra explanation. If you are in Modules->Positions area then you can see that all modules are categorized in to these categories:

  • Payment
  • Right column blocks
  • Left column blocks
  • Homepage content
  • Header of pages
  • Top of pages
  • Product footer
  • Invoice
  • Footer
  • Customer account page display in front office
  • Customer account creation form
  • Stats – Modules
  • Product actions
  • Administration panel homepage
  • Product out of stock
  • Shopping cart extra button
  • Block above the form for create an account
  • Administration panel hover the tabs
  • Administration panel footer
  • Before carrier list
  • Order detail displayed
  • My account block

These categories are called hooks. If you need more explanation about hooks read this post.

Most of the time you will need these hooks:

  • Payment – check out page (selection of payment method)
  • Right column blocks
  • Left column blocks
  • Homepage content – center column of you home page
  • Top of pages – by default you’ll find here language block, currencies block…
  • Footer

NOTE: Do not get confused while looking at Header of pages hook. This hook is not designated to manage the top of your page. Better leave this hook to developers – they use it for adding CSS, java script… to <head></head> part of your website – it is not shown on your page but it is important.

OK find your hook. We will use Right column blocks hook:

Change order of your blocks (modules)
Change order of your blocks (modules)

Use arrows on the left side for changing order. You can also use drag and drop – changes are saved instantly.

You can edit and remove modules (blocks) from hook. If you remove module (click on trash can) – it will not be removed from the system, it just will be removed form the hook and it will not be displayed anymore in the list. You can hook it back if you want. Click Transplant module:

Transplant module
Transplant module

NOTE: if you do not see module (bock) in the list check if it is installed and active. If it is installed and active then check if it is not hooked (connected) to your hook e.g.

Translapnt module parameters
Translapnt module parameters
  1. Choose Module you want to hook (e.g. Cart block ).
  2. Choose the Hook into hook (e.g. Right column blocks).
  3. Enter Exceptions if needed
  4. Click Save

That’s it. Your module is hooked in a specified hook. You can also hook the same module to the different hooks if those hooks are compatible. For example you can hook Cart bock module to the left and right columns at the same time if you need this for some reasons.

You should be able to change modules positions, hook them and remove from hooks after reading this. I hope everything is clear and simple in this post. If you have some comments please do not hesitate to ask. I will reply them ASAP :)

9 thoughts on “How To Change Module Position in Prestashop?

  1. Hello,My name is Tomoe Oyagi.I can use English a little.If you give me any ideas,I’ll be so happy.

    I’m Japanese web designer.
    I try to set “Suppliers block v1.0″ on Left Column.
    It is in modules>Positions – LeftColmun blocks lists,but I can see
    the block in top page of my website.

    Many thanks
    For example, I have brandblock v1.0,categoriesblock v2.0,suppliers block v1.0 and Tags block v1.0 in modules>Positions – LeftColmun blocks lists,but there are only
    categoriesblock v2.0 in my shop page.

  2. hello,

    i unhooked everything to try to start in a differnet order..problem now is that everything disappeared on my webpage even tough modules say that they are hooked and active, how do i activate again columns and evrything??

    im sorry i have been looking for help but can’t find anything, thanks in advacne

  3. Dear, I need to solve the issue urgently. I am using blockcart module. its hooked in header for now. I am unable to change the position with live edit. as Live Edit is not working. how can I change that? and the cart is not displaying products. Plase let me know about it dear. I am stucked. Please do email me on or give me your no to call. My no is +91-9855155527


  4. Hi Sir,

    I am new to the prestashop.when i am using New Featured Products Module.As it was in the right-side module i made it to hook it to the homepage content hook,But i got an error as (This module cannot be transplanted to this hook).
    Can you please help me how to hook to the home page content module.
    Please mail me the suggestion how to set it.

    mail id :

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi

    I am trying to change the position of category block hook to top of the page.
    When I transplant a new module in the top of page section it shows an error “This module can not be transplant here”.

    How to create categories section in the header of the page instead of left section.??
    Its urgent..Please reply soon


  6. Hi,

    I bought google translate and logged in to the back end of my prestashop to hook the module but the drop down list to hook the module was not working. The little drop down arrow to the right of, “hook into” was not working. How do I get my module to appear?


  7. Hello,
    I would like to add blocks wherever i want (for ex. on the right or left colum or even on the home page) and edit them from a text / HTML editor so I can display exactly what i want.

    Does this exist ? I have been looking for hours but i cant find it.

    thks for your help.

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