How to manage PrestaShop product attributes and color picker

Many people are asking questions about how to manage their color picker in product description page. The short answer is: you should do it with “Attributes and groups” in your web store back office. I prepared one very short tutorial and quite long one with images. If you are experienced user and want just a quick instructions read these steps:



  1. First of all you have to add image for every product color – this is the first step you should do. You can do it here: Back Office -> Catalog -> Your Product -> Images tab
  2. Next you have to create attributes group which is type of color group. This type of group may be already created so check it first. You can mange attribute groups here: Back Office -> Catalog -> Attributes and Groups -> Add attribute group. Do not forget to create it as “Color group”.
  3. When you have your attribute group for colors then you can start adding all available colors. Atribute groups are global so you should add all the colors you have for you product. You can also crete multiple attribute groups for colors and then use different attribute groups for different products – it’s up to you how you prefer todo – have one group for colors or multiple groups. So if you want to add color in your attribute group you should do it here: Back Office -> Catalog -> Attributes and Groups -> Add attribute -> Select attribute group. If you selected right attributes group you should see color picker or texture upload button. So here you can add all the available colors for your products.
  4. Now everything is ready and you can assign appropriate colors for your products. Go to: Back Office -> Catalog -> Your Product -> Combinations -> Add color group combination
  5. There is one important thing to check. Make sure, that your attribute group for colors is selected as color picker. Go to: Back Office -> Catalog -> Your Product -> Combinations -> Select your attributes group ind “Color picker” drop down at the bottom of the page.

If you want more detailed instructions then read this tutorial:

If you struggled to understand how PrestaShop “Attributes and groups” are managed you should read it definitely.

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