IE does not include css file.

Today our customer contacted us about the problem with Internet explorer. The website was not displayed correctly only in IE. IE used styles from the wrong CSS file. We  checked it with IE “Developer tools” (press F12 on your keyboard if you want to open it). The first thought was to check the website’s source code and find CSS hacks like:

<!--[if lt IE 7]>  <![endif]-->

There were no any CSS hacks in website’s source code. After googling some time we found the possible problem: “Stylesheets are ignored after 30 link/style tags in IE”. And this was the problem. Luckily Prestashop can combine css files into one file so only one CSS link is passed to the browser. Enable it in “Preferences->Performance“. Select “Use CCC for CSS.“:


This option solved the problem. We found the solution here.

One thought on “IE does not include css file.

  1. With me didn´t resolve my problem with the IE, please if you know any solution for this please I need to know.

    Luis Miguel

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