PHP script displays 500 Internal Server Error

Today we encountered interesting problem in our client’s server. Client installed our module and every PHP file showed “500 Internal Server Error”. We checked .htaccess file but it was created correctly. Then we found out that every folder and file had 777 permissions. Fortunately server didn’t like it and didn’t allow execute PHP files with 777 permissions. PHP files also could not be executed in folders with 777 permissions. We changed permissions to 755 and problem was gone. I think we will include some information about security and permissions in our modules installation instructions. Please do not set 777 permissions to PHP files :).

One thought on “PHP script displays 500 Internal Server Error

  1. Hi, was the problem with just BO or also Front end? I got this problem after I did the following.

    This specially starting happened when I in the the attempt to speed up the site (as it was extremely slow), I changed


    Now its currently not caching and still getting this message for just front end


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