How to remove Powered by PrestaShop?

Powered by PrestaShopMany people ask how to remove “Powered by PrestaShop” title. You can find it in the bottom of your shop or emails that your Prestashop system sends to your customers. I don’t know why but Prestashop hardcodet this title in the templates but is easy to remove it.

1. Remove “Powered by PrestaShop” from the footer

By default your footer looks like this:

Default prestashop footer
Default Prestashop footer

First we will remove “Powered by PrestaShop” in the footer of your website.

First of all you have to find blockcms.tpl file. If your website is located in a remote server you’ll have to connect to if with FTP client like Filezilla. Then go to Prestashop root directory (directory or subdirectory where your Prestashop system is installed). Then go to modules/blockcms/

blockcms directory
blockcms directory

Download file blockcms.tpl and open it in text editor like notepad:

edit blockcms.tpl


Near the bottom of the file you’ll find this line:

<li>{l s='Powered by' mod='blockcms'}
<a href="">PrestaShop</a>&trade;</li>

Delete this line or just comment it like this:

{* <li>{l s='Powered by' mod='blockcms'}
<a href="">PrestaShop</a>&trade;</li> *}

Now clear Prestashop cache. If yo do not know how read this post.

Now your footer should look like this:

Footer without "Powered by PrestaShop"
Footer without "Powered by PrestaShop"

That’s it!

2. Remove “powered with PrestaShop” from emails

Well this is not so easy to accomplish :) but I will tell you the easy way. All emails are saved in mails directory. It is located in Prestashop root directory:

mails directory
mails directory

You should see separate directory for every language in mails direcotry. We have 5 languages in this example:

Emals directories for each language
Emals directories for each language

If you go to some language directory you’ll see many files. Something like that:

Language directory content
Language directory content

Almost every file contains one of these lines (look near bottom of the file):

In html files:

<a href="{shop_url}" style="color:#DB3484; font-weight:bold;
powered with <a href=""
style="text-decoration:none; color:#374953;">PrestaShopâ„¢</a>

or in txt files:

{shop_url} powered by PrestaShop

OK first of all download whole mails directory to your computer. Now it is possible to check every file and change lines.

In html files we need to delete or change this part:

powered with <a href=""
style="text-decoration:none; color:#374953;">PrestaShopâ„¢</a>

In txt files we need to delete or change this part:

powered by PrestaShop

Task easy but we have huge amount of files – it will be long and tedious task to change one file after another. There is a better solution.

OK let’s say we downloaded mails directory to our C:\ disk. Now you have to download Notepad ++ and install it in your computer. Download it from here.

Install Notepad ++ and start this program. Go to Search->Find In Files:

Search -> find in files
Search -> find in files

Now fill this form:

Find and replace
Find and replace

  • Find what – copy and place the part of the string you need to replace
  • Replace with – you can enter here the new text o just white space
  • Directory – choose your mails directory

Now click Replace in Files

You should see the number of ocurences which where replaced. So you have use those two lines to replace not desired text in html and  txt files.

OK this task is finished. :) Hope you enjoyed reading this post.


powered with <a href="" style="text-decoration:none; color:#374953;">PrestaShopâ„¢</a>

10 thoughts on “How to remove Powered by PrestaShop?

  1. Thank you a millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is great I found it very useful.
    I can put a link to my prestashop’s client to my site.

    Once again, thank you very much.
    I appreciate it.

  2. have just installed Presta Shop but not able to open website ( and finding the following error message, somebody please help me finding the solution.

  3. Hello, do you know where the admin email templates are held? e.g. new order alert or low stock?
    i would like to change the colouring and the “powered” by bit but can’t find the templates!
    thanks in anticipation

  4. Hi, I have custom theme and I am trying to remove footer “powered by prestashop” but i am unable to do so even after trying you methods. please help.


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