PrestaShop realeased

prestashop-1.4.3The new version of PrestaShop with new features and bug fixes was released recently. There is a new performance improvement mentioned in change log – new image storing system.

That’s was PrestaShop newsletter says:

- New image system so you can have a product catalogue with a million images!

The sky is the limit for your shop with the v.1.4.3 high-performance image system! PrestaShop is ideal for any shopkeeper no matter the size of the shop.

This new feature is not turned on by default in PrestaShop – you have to enable it manually. Go to Preferences->Products and select Activate legacy images compatibility: to no:

Activate legacy images compatibility
Activate legacy images compatibility

If you have upgraded your PrestaShop system then you’ll have to move your images to the new images storage system. Go to Preferences->Image and go to the bottom of the page:

Move images to new storage system
Move images to new storage system

Well done PrestaShop! We will definitely try this new version ASAP!

5 thoughts on “PrestaShop realeased

  1. Hi Guys. I did so and somehow the pictures won’t appear anymore. what did I do wrong? What is this doing to my system? and how can I restore the pictures?
    I fully downloaded the images-directory “img” on the server. There are two folders which I tried to restore but couldn’t handle it….

    what way do you suggest?
    Thanks for your help

  2. WTF? All my images disappeared now and are replaced by questionmark images. How does the new image storage system work and where are the images actually stored? I’ve moved the images as described above and also set the radiobutton appropriately. How can I solve this issue?

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