Prestashop does not send emails and how to use Gmail SMTP server?

email-letterPrestashop uses PHP mail() function by default to send emails e.g. when you reset your password. If you do not receive e-mails from your shop you can contact your system administrator and ask to enable PHP mail() function or you can configure Prestashop to use SMTP server. We will use Gmail SMTP server in this example.

First of all you must have Gmail account or you can create one here. Keep in mind that people will see your Gmail address when they receive emails from your shop.

When you have Gmail account, login to your Prestashop back office and go to Preferences->E-mail. Select Set my own SMTP parameters. For advanced users ONLY:



Now fill the expanded form:

  • Mail domain: - www.yourshop.tld (change it according your websites address) or you can leave it blank.
  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP user: your Gmail email.
  • SMTP password: your Gmail email passowrd.
  • Encryption: SSL
  • Port: use 465

Click Save.

You can read more about Gmail SMTP setting here.

Now lets test your e-mail configuration. Look beneath email settings you entered, enter your e-mail and pres Send an e-mail test:

Test your e-mail configuration
Test your e-mail configuration

If your settings are correct Prestashop will show you success message. After that go to your inbox and check your emails. If you do not see test message from your shop check spam area also – sometimes such mails goes directly to a spam area.

If you see error message check your settings. Also make sure your settings are entered without white spaces.

I tried it myself and everything worked perfectly. If you have some questions write me an email:

14 thoughts on “Prestashop does not send emails and how to use Gmail SMTP server?

    1. Do you still have this problem? If you could not resolve the problem can you provide back office access?

  1. presto-changeo.comprestashop.comDoesn’t work for me, either.

    I’ve tried using all possible combinations in each input field without any success, also.

    I have Thunderbird configured to send emails using the neccessary credentials, so I’m quite sure everything is OK.

    Also, I’ve tried the solution posted in, and in , no success at all!

    This stuff is driving me crazy. Very few mail systems accept my stores email without complaint, I’m loosing customers because of this!


      1. Thanks for the quick response.

        My provider is using Linux. Here you have some other info:

        Apache version 2.2.20
        PHP version 5.2.17
        MySQL version 5.1.56
        Architecture x86_64
        Perl version 5.8.8
        Kernel version 2.6.18-274.el5.028stab093.2

      2. I’m using Linux.

        I’ve just upgraded my Prestashop version to the new, and I’ve noticed that in this module they have added informational messages to help troubleshooting.

        When I hit the “Send a Test mail to” button, Prestashop replies with the following:

        “Error: por favor, compruebe su configuración
        The SMTP connection failed to start [tls://]: fsockopen returned Error Number 110 and Error String ‘Connection timed out'”

        Needless to say that I’m using the “Spanish” localization of the Backoffice…

        Thanks in advance!

        1. After long time knocking my head to the wall, I realized that, in fact, Prestashop wasn’t responsible!

          My provider was!

          I asked my provider to open the 465 port in my server and everything works like a charm.

          Thanks to Donatas for the effort. Needles to say his site is one of the best in town.

          See ya!

  2. hello, same problem here. Tried to use phpmail and a smtp.

    when a user try to use the Forget Password to receive an email, he gets Error occurred when sending the e-mail.

  3. Hey Donatas, great post. Well, i have been with the following problem: If I choose “SMTP Configuration” and set up with the information from my Gmail account, everything works fine (form “forgot password”, “test your e-mail configuration” and contact form) . But when I set up with the information from my hosting, only the contact form does not work, although the Prestashop report that the message was successfully sent, but no message comes into the inbox of my e-mail. The form “forgot password” and “test your e-mail configuration” works fine. What can I do?Any Idea? My settings are:
    Mail domain:
    SMTP server:
    SMTP user: (With the equal sign. The Prestashop only accepted after I removed the field validation in the file AdminEmails.php)
    SMTP password: my password
    Encryption: None
    Port: 587

    Thank you and sorry for my English, it is not very good.

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