Product to PDF 1.0.0 documentation

The news module in PrestaShop gives you shops costumers a possibility to display and download product description (whit photos) in PDF file. Shops administrator can easily change header and footer, body style, document format. This module support UTF-8.

The installation of module is very easy. Just unzip your archive and upload it’ s content to your PrestaShop root. Put this code in that place where you wish see PDF link:

  2. {if $pdf_button_status}
  3. <a href="{$base_dir}PDF_print_page_m.php?id_product={$product->id}&amp;print_pdf&phpMyAdmin=170f3d55cbf69d7d6034d3a7105f1656">{l s=’Print PDF’ mod=’pdf_products’}</a>
  4. {/if}

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