Product to PDF 1.0.0 module released

Product to PDF module released!


Generic settings:

  • Enable/Disable PDF files
  • Change page orientation (Portrait, Landscape)
  • Change document format (A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, Letter, Legal)
  • Enable/Disable product photo
  • Enable/Disable header
  • Enable/Disable footer
  • Enable/Disable product name
  • Enable/Disable product manufacturer
  • Enable/Disable product price
  • Enable/Disable product gallery
  • Enable/Disable tables borders
  • Enable/Disable RTL (Right-to-left)
  • Change text size, font and color

Header and Footer:

  • Edit header and footer with TinyMCE
  • Change header and footer size

Demo logins:
password: demologin

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