Related products 1.0.0 documentation

The related products module gives the possibility to relate products with each other. Customers can see related products while reading detailed product description.  Products may be related automatically and/or manually.

Automatically relate products

PrestaShop has standard module Tags. Administrator can enter tags for every product under product description in catalog area. Our module gives ability to relate products with same tags automatically.

Manually relate products

Administrator can relate products manually by choosing related products from catalog.

Back office:

  • Enable / Disable automatic products relations by tags
  • Enable / Disable manually assigned products relations
  • Manually relate products

Front office:

  • View related products while reading product detailed description


The installation of the module is very easy. Just unzip your archive and upload it’s content to your PrestaShop root.

Insert hook: {$HOOK_RELATED_PRODUCTS} in /prestashop_root_folder/themes_name/product.tpl file.

Update prestashop_root_folder /header.php, insert in smarty array:

‘HOOK_RELATED_PRODUCTS’ => Module::hookExec(‘related_products’)

Change (if you wish) front side style: modules/related_products/related_products_mod.css

Word document installation manual with screens


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