Related Products Advanced Module – Buy It if You Like It.

Related Products Advanced PrestaShop module is validated and added to PrestaShop addons webstore – Buy it if you Like it here.

This module is very popular so we are improving it constantly.


Reasons why it works for merchants:

  1. It’s easy and fast to administer – find products just in few clicks or use fast “live search
  2. It requires no core modifications – installation easy and fast
  3. It’s possible to relate products one way or both ways
  4. Relate products automatically using product tags or manually
  5. Merchant can decide what information ( image, title, atributes, add to cart, price…) should be shown about related product
  6. Use table layout, grid layout or carousel for related products
  7. Very detailed module documentation, video and screenshots are available here.


Front office demo PS14 Back office demo
Password: demologin

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Gallery (1 use case foto included):


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