Translations does not work problem – resolved.

prestashop translationsToday encountered strange problem with PrerestaShop translations. It took couple of hours to resolve it. Sometimes it may be a real nightmare to manage Prestashop translations but I hope it will be improved soon by PrestaShop team.

So the problem:

Only part of module translations worked in Ubuntu server. It seemed that only top fields were translated and other just did not changed after translations form was submitted in back office. I have uploaded whole shop to a new server and translations worked perfectly.

The solution:
I found out that some $_POST variable values were missing after translations form submit. Google helped me to find the solution :

PHP by default limits number of variables to 1000. As it is stated here:

It’s stated, that this option is available since PHP 5.3.9:
My PHP version is 5.3.6 – so maybe website placed wrong information.

You can also check your server logs and you should se something like this (Ubuntu example):
[error] [client] PHP Warning: Unknown: Input variables exceeded 1000. To increase the limit change max_input_vars in php.ini. in Unknown on line 0, referer:…

So the solution to set max_input_vars in php.ini. Just place this line ant the end of php.ini max_input_vars = 10000
If you use Ubuntu 11.10 you will find php.ini in this directory: /etc/php5/apache2/

One more problem solved. Hope this info will be helpful for you.

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