Two new features added to Auction module

prestashop_auction_v_1_7Recently we got some suggestions  about our “Auction” module from Rudy and Keya. Thank you for you suggestions! We updated our module. Check the change log.



v1.7 2011/07/14 :
–  Added option to subscribe auctions – customers can subscribe to auction and get information about new bids.
–  Added ability to ban users from auctions – if you have some problems with malicious bidders you can ban some IP addresses or range of IP addresses.

Check our demo:

PrestaShop v1.3:

Demo address:
Demo admin address:
Module can be found in Modules tab -> under “Invertus” section.

PrestaShop v1.4:

Demo address:
Demo admin address:
Module can be found in Modules tab -> under “Other Modules” section.

Demo user login:
password: demologin

You can buy our module here:

10 thoughts on “Two new features added to Auction module

  1. Thank you guys so much again for implementing the new features per our request! This is definitely beneficial to the module and I couldn’t be more happier! I cannot wait for it to post!

    1. Hi, we can adopt “Auction” module to your system and install it. I have sent you an email message about more details.

    1. Hi,
      I replied to your email few days ago. I somebody have similar questions I can write a blog post about auction module.

  2. Hi,
    I’m having a little bit of trouble with the module. The problem is that the auctions i set are closing automatically between 15 and 30 minutes after set. I’ve tried lots of different things, even installing the module twice, but I still can’t find whats causing the problem. I’d really appreciate you help ASAP. My site depends on this module.


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