What is Prestashop hook? Term definition.

Prestashop hookIf you are newbie with Prestashop e-commerce system and hear people talking about them, then you may be wondering “What are those Prestashop hooks?” I’ll try to explain it as simple as possible :).


Prestashop Hooks – systematic structural units (blocks) that can contain other  functional blocks.

OK lets translate it in simple words :). It means that every hook is some kind of container which may contain other functional blocks. By default Prestashop’s right side is  called right column hook (developers knows it as rightColumn hook). For example the right column (hook) may have Cart block, New products block… - these are functional blocks (functional modules) which interact with Prestashop system.

Look at this picture for better understanding:

Hooks example
Hooks example

Hooks also exist in other Prestashop areas like in a payment selection area. It is called payment hook and is displayed in payment methods area when checking out.

You can find the list of hooks in this website. It seems accurate and clear.

Developers uses terms like “hook module into the right column” - it means that module will be shown in the right column after installation and activation in back office.

If you are interested how to change order of blocks (modules) in the hook read this post.

I hope  this post was easy to understand and helped to go one step forward understanding this amazing system.

If you have some suggestions for this post fell free to comment o write me an email: donatas@invertus.lt.

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