Why you should backup your PrestaShop?

Bakup PrestaShopThere is a proverb “Abundant caution does no harm. (Roman proverb)“. Internet is not the safest place today. People loose their data every day. So let’s make sure you can recover your shop if needed.


1. You should backup your web store data because:

  • Systems are not perfect and sometimes they get hacked. Your hosting provider or PrestaShop it self may have vulnerabilities.  You may not notice the problem for a long period of time.
  • Your passwords may get stolen – keep them safe and change periodically.
  • Somebody can delete something accidentally e.g. not experienced developer.
  • Hardware failures may lead to data loss

2. Choose right hosting provider to minimize the risk

Almost every hosting provider backups server data periodically. Make sure they make backups.  The more often they do it the better. Some of them charge you if you want to recover your data – find out how much it would cost for you (it may be expensive). Find out how often your FTP, MySQL, e-mails data is backed up.

Do not forget that it takes time for hosting provider to recover your data and it’s not always possible to recover the latest version of your shop.

3. You should backup your data yourself if:

  • you are upgrading PrestaShop system
  • you are taking some risky actions that may lead to data loss
  • you noticed that your shop is hacked and hosting provider can not give you an assistance. Change all passwords and do the backup ASAP!

4. How to backup your PrestaShop

PrestaShop Wiki has an excellent article about how to backup your database (read it here) but it lacks information about FTP files and phpMyAdmin installation. More info how to install phpMyAdmin can be found here.

OK let’s backup your PrestaShop Files now.

For this you’ll need FTP username, password and FTP client.

Fillezilla FTP client is an excellent choice. Download it from here.

Download all FTP files from your server to a secure location. Do not forget to download .htaccess file if your website uses it. This file is not shown bay default in Filezilla client.  Click Server->Force showing hidden files in Filezilla top menu – now you’ll be able to see .htaccess file if it was created.

That’s it! Do not loose your data :)


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