Why to choose Prestashop? 10 main reasons!

10 reasons choose PrestashopThere are many things to consider before starting e-commerce business. You must think not only about business plan and personnel but also about tools you will use for selling your products. This post will cover 10 main reasons why you should choose Prestashop.

E-commerce developers or IT companies usually use tools they know best and of course they suggest to use them for their customers. This usually happens with little companies or freelance developers who specializes to work with one or few tools. We can not blame them because they are doing the right thing – it’s better to be the best in on area then to be good in many areas. Every starter merchant should consider this and decide if the suggested tools are appropriate.

OK and now the main 10 reasons why you should choose Prestashop:

1. It’s free and open source.

If your budget is tight it will save your money which can be used for advertizing (Google AdWords, banners…)

2. It’s SEO friendly

This is the first thing you should check. It is critical for your web store to be SEO friendly. It is easy to change URLs, TITLE tags… in Prestashop so your SEO experts will be happy with this platform.

3. It’s multilingual

In most cases you’ll need to translate your web store in one or few languages. It’s easy with Prestashop.

4. Prestashop is easy to develop

It’s important to know that there will be developers who can help you for a reasonable price and within reasonable period of time. For e.g. “Magento” developers are quite expensive because“Magento” is not easy to maintain (develop) – it’s quite complicated system.

5. It’s fast and it does not require expensive servers to run

We tried “Magento” but it required too much server resources so we went back to Prestashop.

6. It has many free modules

You can start your shop in minutes if you are in a rush and of course you save money.

7. It has modules and themes shop

You can buy required module or theme and improve your shop in minutes. Take a look here. Prestashop validates those modules and ensures quality – so you are not taking any risks. Besides unique solutions costs much more. Developers can sell modules multiple times so they charge less and they are wiling to fix their bugs because they get money for their products.

8. It’s easy to learn

You do not have to be an e-commerce expert to master Prestashop.

9. It has big community

Check Prestashop forum. You’ll find answers to most of your questions.

10. It is rapidly improving

Sometimes it’s annoying because you have to update your Prestashop constantly. But every new release gets better and better. E-commerce is changing rapidly so does and Prestashop :)

I hope this list will help you to decide if Prestashop is suitable for your needs :)

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